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Random Meme – 7 random things about me – I was tagged by Christy.

  1. I commonly call cat tails, cat o’ nine tails – which is a torture/S&M implement. But if you ask me, calling them pussy willows sounds dirtier.
  2. I can crack nearly every bone in my body – neck, back, wrists, fingers, toes, you name it – I can crack it.
  3. The tip of my middle finger on my left hand is numb right now (going on day three) from carrying a paint bucket while doing my window trim – I broke this finger over 10 years ago playing football.
  4. I love cold weather. Snow is one of the most beautiful things ever. I love the sound of it falling. Viv claims she’s going to put snow in my Dad’s pants when she sees him at Christmas time.
  5. From Monday to Friday I work an average of 14.2 hours a day, during the weekend, 5.5 hours a day.
  6. I keep myself so busy, because I’m worried about getting too depressed and terrified of the financial implications of taking a day off while supporting two households. This is healthy right?
  7. When I was in first grade, a classmate held up a Tupperware bowl of cheese puffs and then told me I would die by age 32.

I went over to Mom and Dad’s for dinner after finishing the painting (just needed to do the edges of the front and back decks. I got home, did some laundry and had a phone call with the kids. They were giggling and playing with each other. Although they did very little talking to me, it was good to at least hear them. I did some work small edits on the Battleship NJ site and worked on the PERL for a new page for NitroVideo.

When my sad, nerdy brain tettered out, I got into bed and watched Amores Perros. This film was brutal to watch because so much of the one of the stories revolved around dog fighting. But underneath that gruesome visual are three interesting stories connected by a traffic accident. The three stories are related by the physical crush of the crash, but the real connection is that all three stories are about how cruel humans are to each other.

I need to run when I get home tonight. It will be after I put all the furniture back on my porch and stack firewood in the wood rack. I will get home, hopefully with this guilt of enjoying the weekend wrung from my stupid bones and get back to work. I Am America (And So Can You!) arrived for me at the library, I will most definitely dig into that tonight before shivering to bed.

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  1. Chris – I know it doesn’t make any sense

    Lorrie – I heard a comedian from California make fun of people like me. We say we like having seasons, people in California say, we like having the just the good ones.

  2. Hey – thanks for the plug. Glad that you liked the shot! I’ve got a few more going up tonight.

    I think you need need to drink more, work less and take Yogi for a swim. 14.5/5.5 hours? Of course, I know that you’re nuts – after all, you think winter is the best season…

  3. “This is healthy right?”

    Wow, I hope you don’t end up getting burned out, working all those hours. I think it’s great that you’re doing all that biking and running, though.

    Peace be with you (sooner or later!)

  4. I love the cold weather too…guess it’s a good thing I hail from The Great White North. I prefer to be cold and I like my house cool — not COLD, but I hate it when it’s really hot and stuffy. And I hate walking into other people’s hot, stuffy houses. Ew.

  5. 1. I just spent 20 minutes going through your links and have decided that you are awesome.

    2. I can pop my tailbone by just thinking about it.

    3. I think we’re using almost the exact same wordpress theme.

  6. You work an average of 82 hours per week?! Great scott man. I work an average of 43, plus the 10 hour commute. Those 53 hours make me feel a bit nutty at times. Well, ok, ALL THE TIME. I don’t know how you do it.

  7. mamatulip – yeah, i mean sweaters and fireplaces are kick ass.

    Jenny –

    1. i owe you $5

    2. are you sure you’re not farting?

    3. Connections right? I altered my header with my own picture of a stinkbug on my daughter’s little stroller thingy

    Tink – it’s not the doing it that’s the problem it’s the down time that scares me

  8. You know, I think I once carried a cat o’nine tails when I went as a dominatrix for Halloween about 10 years ago. I’m hip.

  9. Hey Van, I can keep up with what’s going on in your life through here, but miss the chats. NO, not the fireside ones…..
    At any rate, thought I would try my hand at bloggin too. I am not as seasoned, but in time my skills with the force should improve. I need to get some pics up, I suppose. Hope all is well, keep in touch.

  10. “When I was in first grade, a classmate held up a Tupperware bowl of cheese puffs and then told me I would die by age 32.”

    LOL That’s so fucking funny and weird. It’s a good thing that kid was not Nostradamus!

  11. I used to be able to crack everything including my back but now my back is tough to do. When I do my neck, my son hides his eyes. He is afraid my head will pop off. Obviusly I stopped doing it in front of him because my goal is not to torture him.

  12. I hate it when people crack things, it always makes me cringe. I’m not sure why, it just always has. Growing up, people would crack various joints just to get a reaction out of me … and it worked. Still does.

    Also, I agree with Marty’s diagnosis.

  13. liv – i concur, you’re hip

    Paul Kuntz – how do you pronounce that last name? πŸ˜‰ good to see you in the blogging community, everyone, this is Paul…Paul, everyone.

    corky – true story and yeah

    tori – you should crack it in front of apertome

    apertome – i’m cracking knuckles as i type this…. muhahahaha

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  15. Tupperware fortune tellers.

    Can you crack your nose?

    Staying busy is good and all, but it won’t stop you from being depressed. That is something you need to work through and I think you are doing better every day.

  16. Christy – his name was Brian and he moved away that summer, which made him even more mysterious

    nose doesn’t count as a bone, it’s mostly cartilage

    i don’t feel that way today amiga πŸ™

  17. I really hate cold weather, which explains my migration to Florida. Since I’ve been retired, I think I’m busier than when I had a regular job. I like it that way though. No time to get depressed even if I had reason to. I know things will get better for you with time.

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