bone up

I’ve got some work to do this weekend for one of the new clients. This new client is an R-rated website(NSFW), which is kind of different – but the technology is actually really interesting (and the subject matter isn’t too shabby either). I need to bone up (pun intended) on my PERL a bit and UNIX shell commands.

I cleaned up the blog a bit, the best improvement was using the Compact Archive WP Plug-in (down on the right). I’ve been blogging for a while (June 2002), ergo, I have a shitload of entries. I had to reduce the font size in the CSS to 0.8 em, but I kind of like it small like that anyway.

I added some to that song I’m working on (still need a title). I think I want to change the ending to a new part. I just kind of brought back some of the elements from the beginning back in on top of the straight ahead beat with the tam on top.

Yogi and I had an extremely chilly 2 miles this morning. That cold air can be tough on the lungs.

I’m really proud of my son, in his schoolwork that came home with him was a note attached to a little book from his teacher telling Dana and I that he led the class in reading that book today. Then he sat down with my wife and read the book to her.

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  1. I can’t check out that site right now, but it sounds interesting. Good luck with Perl, I like perl’s flexibility, but trying to wade through someone else’s perl code can be really difficult if they (a) didn’t know what they were doing or (b) did bunch of fancy perl stuff.

    That looks like a cool running route — I kind of wish I didn’t hate running so much, but alas, I do. It’s finally warming up here, though, and with that and daylight savings time kicking in, I see a lot more biking on the horizon. I’m not going to miss that trying to breathe in cold air.

  2. Van, you tease. Here I am wondering what kind of excellent naked people are on the other side of that link but unable to click. I don’t want to terrify all these lovely library ladies …

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