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April 17th, 2015

What a great week for our family. I got an unbelievable response from our town when I posted a request for speakers for the Invisible Disability Day presentation for our middle school. Vivienne got an unexpected invite to play for a travel soccer team. After three long nights of ice hockey tryouts, Van Jr made the Jags Bantam A team. And this evening, Abbe and I will be here…


Actually, to be more accurate… we’ll be here…


Yep, it’s two years and time for another picture…



Movie Reviews…

A Most Violent Year – good, but slow-moving and it kind of leaves the viewer wondering if they actually watched a mob movie. I did like the 1980’s NYC setting a lot.

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From hither to yon, April 9th will now be known as Kapeghian Appendage Day

April 10th, 2015

Yesterday was a good day for Kapeghian appendages. First off, Van Jr. got a clean x-ray result back from what we thought was a fairly minor elbow injury he suffered during the Lake Placid Tourney. This x-ray was only done as a precaution, and we didn’t expect to hear anything about a fracture, but you never know.


Later yesterday, Viv finally got her cast off of her broken pinky. She has a set of exercises to regain strength and flexibility, and will do a follow-up in two weeks. Whew.

Both of these all-clears are a big relief. I want Van to go into tryouts next week with more confidence in that arm, and I know Viv has been frustrated with what she can and cannot do at play rehearsal.

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Nants LG Expression bagithi Baba! Sithi uhm LG Expression!

April 9th, 2015

The search is over…


Yes, that is Viv’s missing iPhone. Which has been missing for well-over two weeks, although the authorities (aka her parents) were not alerted until about a week ago. It was wedged deep down in the loveseat in our family room. Rescue teams (AKA, Abbe’s long arms) were able to recover the phone after a prolonged search effort (we were actually looking for the remote that she also wedged deep down into the couch cushions). Finding that phone kinda felt like this…



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Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.

April 8th, 2015

And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew.
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
and the card attached would say,
thank you for being a friend.


Abbe’s birthday gift finally arrived… nearly one full month late (thanks TeeFury!), But hey, what would the Golden Girls say in a situation like this?

My mother always used to say: “The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana.” ~ Rose

Movie Reviews…

The Imitation Game – very good, but not recommended anyone that was super pumped that there was another Fast and the Furious coming out.

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op·por·tu·ni·ty – a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

April 7th, 2015

OpportunityUncertainty can be toxic. It can create a lof of imagined scenarios in your noggin that are basically chores you’ve invented within yourself. A total waste of time. The complacency war is on, and I’m keeping myself busy and dedicated to my family for the win. I’ll stay flexible and open. This wide-open future means a ton of opportunity for me.

My son has some sort of nagging injury above his elbow that appears to be some sort of strain on his triceps from a check he threw during the bronze medal game at Lake Placid. We’re doing a precautionary x-rays tomorrow afternoon, please wish Van Jr. good luck. The timing is not ideal, he is due for bantam tryouts next Monday through Wednesday. Wish him good luck on that too, please.

Big kudos to Abbe and Viv for waking up to do a 3 mile run this morning. And I am super proud of conquering 100 hanging pike raises and burpees last night, I’m closing in on only 20 more workouts to do before I can call myself a level 4 gorilla!

Movie reviews…

American Sniper – If you remove the controversy surrounding this film, and just judge this as a piece of art… it’s pretty mediocre. The action scenes are great, and the acting is competent. Honestly, I wish this film had some of the lightning rod issues surrounding Chris Kyle included, it would have made it more interesting for me.

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