divots, aniMia, and love

July 6th, 2015

What a great weekend. I finished Gorilla Workout (and now I can legally wear the shirt that Abbe and the kids got me for Father’s Day). I did the 75th workout outside in the rain behind the row of pine trees at my in-law’s home. 100 burpees in a downpour kinda felt right. I left some divots (if you look closely, you can see where my hands, feet, and toes for each burpees).


We had a great time on the 4th at Ben and Cindy’s beautiful house. I successfully got another great picture of my niece, Mia (who does everything she can to avoid the camera)…


Here’s the secret, I take a ton of pictures and she’s such a cute kid, there’s always one good one in there…. see?

And then Sunday, Abbe and I were lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding. Congrats, Karl and Achaia – truly an honor to be a part of your day.


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Your American Flag Profile Picture is not a Protest

July 3rd, 2015

Now listen, everybody that read the title and freaked out, please read the entirety of this post before you lose your mind.

I’ve seen a particularly misguided response to people using the rainbow flag overlay profile picture to celebrate marriage equality on social media: folks using an American flag overlay in response. That’s the key part of what I’m talking about here. By all means, fly your American flag every day, especially this Independence Day Weekend. I’m very, very proud to be an American. Please don’t misread any of this as anti-American.

How you equate a symbol of freedom as a protest against the right to marry is crazy. But that’s what some have done. Be proud of the American flag, by all means. But understand that I am also proud of that flag, and I support marriage equality. If that’s a protest, it is lost on me. I’m smiling while I look at the flag, saying, “I know, isn’t this freedom awesome?”

I want to point out that this sentiment is only pointed at those that did it for that specific reason. My assumption is that you are a proud American, just like me. I’ve smiled at every time that I’ve seen a friend with the American flag overlay. I only cringe when I see some misguided comments.

In fact…


Now, to something 100% awesome… I want everyone in the area to come support a great cause, 2015 NJ Walks for Tourette Syndrome at Medford Lakes. Please sign up under Anna’s Banana Bunch so we can walk united. There is a discount to pre-register. I had the honor of introducing Anna at the Invisible Disabilities Day presentation done for the 5th grade class at Neeta Elementary School. She is an incredible kid and beyond brave. Sign up and walk! The event is September 20th at 10am.

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almost gorilla

July 2nd, 2015

I have one more run for my training plan, and one more little bitty, teeny weenie workout to complete the gorilla workout. Oh, that last gorilla workout consists of…


Holy. Crap. 100 muthafukkin’ burpees. And then I can wear my father’s day present. And then I can start my next challenges on Monday.


So, yesterday was my first day at the new position, and I am psyched. The entire team has their intensity in all of the right places, in my opinion.

Let’s make our bosses look good, always. Let’s  understand our apps top to bottom. Let’s answer tickets as quickly as possible and find answers.

I am in the learning process now, and the guy showing me the ropes absolutely gets it. He cares about making sure communication is clear and following up with our lines of business. There is a ton of visibility with this position into many different areas of the bank, ergo – all of this stuff is super important.

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hocus focus

June 30th, 2015

2010-11-14_101608Van Jr and his Shawnee teammates won last night beating the very physical, number one seed Clearview team in the JVB high school quarterfinals. The Renegades will be facing an extremely tough opponent tonight at the Skatezone in Voorhees, NJ in Moorestown. Shawnee is yet to beat Moorestown, and has been beaten soundly by the Quakes each meeting. This should be a tough one.

I have two new ideas I’m trying out and both are all about focus. Number one is The One Thing. I just cracked this book open, but it is solidly resonating with my cocker spaniel-like ADHD. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be a movement for me, this is me ordering a lá carte from the ideas presented. I do like the concept of identifying the singular most important thing. The linear domino falling causing the geometric to fall. If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.

The other idea is following a ketogenic diet. The low carb/enough fat/moderate protein diet is tailor-made for a pretty active person like myself. It’s not a long-term lifestyle change, but it’s a reset to burn some body fat in a fast and healthy way. That said, there has been some research showing the benefits for persons at risk of heart disease – so, who knows. I’m going to gauge how I feel while I give it a chance. MFP has been seriously helpful with my weight loss so far, and editing my nutritional goals to match a keto diet will again gamify my eating habits.

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First day of camp today, kids… don’t forget your nunchucks…

June 29th, 2015

So, the jalapeño poppers came out great. I learned that cooking with filo dough is a lot like cooking with buttered tissue paper… but yeah, they were gone by the end of the party, so I’m calling that one a success.

IMG_2833 IMG_2834 IMG_2835

The party was great. I was happy to see Van and Viv having a blast on the lake. The Feasts were so kind to lend their home to a rowdy ice hockey team. Viv came along too, and she had a great time… I’m not sure she ever came out of the lake.


First day of camp today, kids… don’t forget your nunchucks…


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