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November 17th, 2014

We pay out the nose here in Medford Lakes for nearly everything. Our property taxes would make give a hearty, “holy shit.” I know I do every quarter (when I can keep my taxes current, that is)… but the schools and community are so worth it. Here are a couple of videos by my friend, Brent that show off our ridiculously great town…

And a great video of what it’s like to be a Laker kid – they bike everywhere…

But here’s the real reason I work so hard. I love these three so much. I’m such a lucky guy.


I know, a mushy post. I always get like this during my taper week before a race.

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it’s sooooo good

November 14th, 2014

Titan loves getting a couple licks in before we throw out the peanut butter jar

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hay is in the barn, and I am going to enjoy this hay… dammit

November 12th, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs previously reported, Abbe and I both have hit our fundraising goals for Athletes Vs. Epilepsy. Together, we have raised over $2000! This is a big relief and sense of accomplishment for us both. Since we have accomplished our mission, I wanted to pass the word along about a couple other charities that need your help…

My friend and colleague, Brant Beaupre is sleeping out to raise awareness of homeless youths. Please give Brant’s story a read and consider a donation to very worthwhile cause.

I am running the Jingle Bell Run/Walk 5K in honor of my seriously great friend, Meredith Del Rossi for the Arthritis Foundation.

I am now officially tapering for Philly. The hay is in the barn. During my runs at this point, I am forcing myself to go slower. I am seriously concerned about when miles 18-26.2 are going be like, but I plan on leaving everything on the course AND finish smiling. I found an excellent article on pacing that I definitely plan on following to keep myself from going out too fast. And this article was seriously great stuff too. And I love Meb.


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Under 5

November 7th, 2014

I woke this morning like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15am and headed out for my run. I am in taper-mode, just two plus weeks away from running my fifth, and most likely final full marathon. I’m not completely closing the door on the possibility of running another full, but this is probably the last one. I love the training, but I need to reclaim some time for myself and my family. I am clueless as to how I have been able to not miss a single training run while balancing a job and kids with lots of activities (including a son in travel ice hockey).

I am going to miss putting on my gear and the satisfaction I feel after finishing a good run, or fighting through a tough one. Or those cold mornings that I layered up instead of skipping the run. Or coming in like a panting puppy after a great run, eager to proudly show Abbe my phone screen showing a new PR. Truth is, I’m going to keep running. But instead of 10 or more milers on the weekend for a long run, it’s going to be 5 (but faster). I want to train to be a faster runner (brilliant, I know at age 43). I feel like I can lose more weight and gain some of my time back by doing so.

But before all of that… I have hit my fundraising goal of $1000 raised for Athletes Vs. Epilepsy, now comes my unfinished business with Philly. Two years ago, I was cruising strong at mile 15 and suddenly a painful click started happening in my left foot. I was sure it was broken. Turns out it was a bad cramp that never let go. I finished, but fell 11 minutes shy of breaking 5 hours. Last year at the Steamtown Marathon, again, I was cruising fairly comfortably through the first 16 miles and then the downward grade of the course set in, my quads were shredded and I limped across the finish line at 5:07… 7 minutes shy of that 5 hour mark.

Philly, I am going to beat you on November 23rd. I WILL finish in under 5 hours.

“Under 5. Under 5. Under 5.”

I have chanted this during each of my runs for the past four plus months.


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Mission Accomplished

November 6th, 2014

As of this past Sunday at 9:25am, both Abbe and I have reached our fundraising goals for Athletes Vs. Epilepsy! Together we have raised $2000 towards funding for research for treatments that help seizure disorder patients. Although we have reached our goal, we definitely want to pile it on and run up the score against epilepsy, please consider a donation if you are able to do so. This is a big relief for us both, as we can now concentrate on our personal goals for race day.

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