pin pride, phone issues, and makeover

August 31st, 2014

10631570_10152145221397574_1785116497_oSo it’s been three weeks since I’ve been at my new job with TD, and I’m so damn happy. It’s really great to be in the office and see friends that I haven’t seen in 5 or 6 years. I’m constantly being stopped in the hallways after someone approaching me starts to recognize me, they stare a little more, usually start pointing and saying, “Hey, you’re… you’re back!”

One of the things that have confirmed my decision to return to TD as a good one, have been the crazy number of folks that did the exact same thing that I did. Left the bank from concern over the acquisition, found that the grass wasn’t greener, and came back. I have run into at least 6 people that have taken that exact same path.

There have been some friends that have almost been consolatory when they learned that I decided to hang up the entrepreneurial shoes, and head back to the cubes. Truth is, I couldn’t be prouder. After I completed the orientation and was given my pin, I was a little teary. It’s been such a journey, and I’m so happy to be back in a place where I can provide for my family so they and I can grow together.

Yesterday, my Samsung Galaxy S4 just signed it’s own death warrant. I can’t use this phone any more. Maybe I’ve got a dud, but this phone is borderline dangerous for running. The GPS signal was apparently lost for nearly a full mile, and I didn’t realize it. I checked my pace and saw I was nearly two minutes below my normal pace. So I picked it up for the next few miles. After seeing the numbers not improve much more, I looked at the map. Well, when the GPS failed, it plotted me as running across Cooper River. Now, at one time I considered buying a Prius, but that doesn’t make me Jesus.

Much to my son’s delight (he will get my S4), I’m going to shell out some money at some point after my first paycheck (possibly wait until 9/9 when the iPhone 6 is released), and go back to the iOS fold. I know lots of folks swear by Android and the S4′s, but I haven’t met many that use it for truly long distance running and that’s where I have determined the phone is inadequate for my needs.

After our run, Abbe and I picked up the kiddos, had a really great dinner at Ott’s and then just relaxed. Abbe was also lucky enough to get a very intense makeover from Viv…


Abbe is such a good sport, it’s insane. Her makeover even came with a complimentary neck tattoo…


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a confident, ferocious beast

August 15th, 2014

1453262_10151691314287574_1775830428_nI’ve already mentioned a few times in my blog how happy I’ve been with Van Jr’s new ice hockey coach. And last night was yet another example of the positive effect his coach has had on him as a player and a young man. Here is an excerpt from an email sent yesterday afternoon prior to the Jags’ preseason game against Brick

If you could mention on the car ride to the game, that they need to be like a ferocious beast that hasn’t eaten in a week and the puck is a fresh piece of meat. When we lose possession of the puck, it is our job to attack quickly, aggressively and have a sense of urgency. The longer the other team has possession, the chances of them scoring goes up. I’ve used the analogy before about a sandbox full of toys. The rink is our sandbox, the puck is our toy and the other team is NOT allowed to touch or play with our toy.

The Jags responded with a 4-2 win. The Jags peppered the Brick goalies with over 40 shots in the game and did a great job of throwing their weight around on the ice. And here is an email I received from the coach late last night…

Wow! I was very happy with how the entire team played. Especially Van Jr. You should have seen the smile on his face when he came off after making that first check. He got the taste and threw a couple more checks during the game.

Please tell him he’s got it now and just needs to continue being physical and aggressive.

Bubs needed a few shifts to get hitting out there, but once he did – he was activated and in the game. He came home happy and talking with me about his “big huge checks” on the car ride home. I love the game of hockey, and love that my son shares that with me, but even bigger than all of this is I am loving the lesson of confidence that my son is garnering from playing this game. Go get ‘em, #13!

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Don’t take any of this as anything but the fact that I can’t hardly wait.

August 14th, 2014

Change-AheadI’m really grateful Abbe took me out to dinner last night. She has seen me like this before. I’m nervous about the new job. Not in a way of worrying about things going well. I just want to get there.


In between.

There’s nothing wrong. And maybe that’s (hopefully) something with which I need to learn to be OK – nothing. I need to understand that I should not have to stand vigil against the next financial atomic bomb crashing in my front yard.

Thank you, sweetheart for taking me down to PJ’s helped put me at peace. And a few beers in my belly too.

And don’t take any of this as bellyachin’. I’m the kid that you made the mistake of telling about a trip to Disney in three days and now, I can’t sleep. I’m your dog that you just said “go for a ride” to, and now I’m pacing and waiting for the door to open and hop in the car. Don’t take any of this as anything but the fact that I can’t hardly wait.

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a good run day

August 13th, 2014

I had a fantastic run this morning. I had forgotten how much I enjoy fartleks (I know, I know… tee hee). All three of my speed miles were well below the target pace (:30 – 1:00 under!) and I felt strong throughout. I need to remember today on one of those bad run days. This is a good run day.

Big ups to my friends Jen and Karen for their donations towards Athletes vs. Epilepsy. Also, thanks to those that purchased jewelry from Abbe which kicked in another $30 towards my fundraising. I am now at 55% of my $1000 goal. My average donation is around $50. If I get 9 more donations, I will reach my goal. Let’s do this, folks!

[UPDATE: Well, as I was writing this my Canadian friend, Jamie just donated, and I'm now at 58% of the goal! Thanks/merci, Jamie! ]

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if you let Viv go running with you…

August 12th, 2014

Abbe came home from work last night with full intentions of going on a nice 4 mile run. Viv heard that Abbe was going to do so and asked to come along. And Abbe, being the good sport that she is, took her along. About 20 minutes after they left, I got this picture texted to me.  With the caption, “We are not breaking any records tonight.”


And then Viv’s monopolization of Abbe’s plans continued with a very exclusive spa treatment and make over… Viv made her into an ice princess.


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