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July 30th, 2015

I have gotten back to reading as of late, and back to a habit of mine to scrapbook the good stuff. I’ll take pictures with my phone and later crop the image down to just what was important. I have an Evernote where I’ve kept the more recent stuff. I had a few images to add recently after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, The One Thing, and Quiet Leadership. I found this quote included in The Little Big Things by Tom Peters. This is from late Texas governor, Ann Richards…

Evernote 20120523 07-17-54

And that quote is recently meaningful. I got a bit of a cold shoulder the other day from a colleague, but I’m not going to let that deter me from continuing to be nice and decent towards that person.

I started The 4-Hour Body to gather some ideas for my continuing quest to not look like a fat slob. This slightly goes against the grain of my original impression of Tim Ferriss; an ADHD entrepreneur that made a shitload of money and considers himself Jesus. He had some good points in The 4-Hour Workweek, but I ultimately found the advice boiled down to “stay focused, and get lucky”. The truth is, so far, through a few chapters, I really agree with a lot of what he has to say in the 4HB.

Like my father, I’m a firm believer in data. Lots and lots of data. I love making a plan and charting progress through spreadsheets. Dieting is tough, you hit plateaus and get down – but Ferriss points out to not be discouraged. Take me for example, right now, I am hovering around the low 190’s. I can’t wait for that scale to read 180-something. That is going to be sweet. But the truth is, with my activity/exercise level, I’m also building muscle. Ergo, that adds weight. So, a scale isn’t the only indicator of my overall health.

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most importantly, alive

July 29th, 2015, a cyclist was hit and killed by a motorist in Medford, NJ. She was 34, the mother of 17-month old twins. She was wearing a helmet, paying attention, and following all the laws she should have. The cause of the accident is still being investigated, but it is assumed the driver of the car that struck her is at fault. Regardless, awful, awful stuff.

Whenever something like this happens, social media lights up with flares of cyclists tired of being squeezed off the shoulder of roads, and motorists fed up with packs of cyclists that ride four across. Cyclists want their fair share of the road, yet finding examples of them ignoring traffic laws are common. And drivers that lose patience… wow, I can’t believe you place such a low value a fellow human being’s ability to see their family again.

I run on roads with 45 and 50 miles per hour speed limits. The advantage I have is that runners face traffic. So, if someone is drifting onto the shoulder, I can see them, and hop to safety.

As a runner, I used to get angry at drivers that did not pay attention. I would yell, spit on the road between us, and even cock my arm holding a water bottle, threatening to hit their car if they didn’t stop fucking around. Once, I yelled at a friend, not knowing it was him. I saw a car close to a narrow shoulder and shouted. His wife told me a few weeks later, and although, I was maybe justified for doing so, I still felt bad.

So, about a year ago, I consciously decided to make a change. I wave to drivers that give me a wide berth and stopped yelling at those that failed to give me room. I still see drivers with their heads in their phones zipping by me at 60 miles an hour. When I see a car approaching, I do everything I can to keep myself safe. I have a wonderful life to come home sweaty, exhausted, and most importantly, alive to see all the awesome shit my wife and kids do.

Here’s why I made the change: yelling at a driver that isn’t paying attention is most likely not going to be heard or seen. After all, they weren’t paying attention while driving a 3,000-pound hunk of metal at high speeds, why would they pay attention to some sweaty guy in shorts and spandex calf sleeves? Those drivers that were paying attention will see my gratitude, and they deserve it.

My feeling is that as cyclists and runners, we also need to be patient and careful. Whether we are right or wrong, if a mistake is made out there, we won’t make it home most likely.

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booberry sighting and cat vomit

July 28th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.26.55 PM

Pictured below is cat vomit. Notice how it has the outline of bare toes in it? Yeah, I did too…


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The Water Diviner – not bad. I always enjoy films based on history (Battle of Gallipoli) that I know very little. Loved the shots of the Sufi dervishes too.

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Back from the Swamp Again

July 27th, 2015

The weekend was fun. Today is busy, so here’s a bunch of pictures…

Here’s Bruce taking a selfie…

The kids spent a lot of time catching crawfish and frogs down at the creek…


Knuckle sammiches were served…


Uncle Luke played with the crawfish…


Chickens were held…



Van and Viv loved Uncle Ben and Aunt Cindy’s cabin…




And Bruce got a couple of cakes…


IMG_3031 IMG_3080

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July 24th, 2015

Over the past 6-8 months, life has been straightening out for me in a lot of ways. And I have an acronym to thank for that progress. B.W.P.U.W.T.S. – Bruce Wouldn’t Put Up With This Shit.

Bruce is my father-in-law. Bruce loves his weekend days. He works his ass off taking care of projects around his home, and I’ve adapted a contrived version of how I imagine his Saturdays and Sundays go as he surveys what needs to be done so he can grab a nap in his hammock, or park himself at his bar (that he built), and drink a few Old Milwaukee Lights (or maybe a mojito with mint muddled by Jane).

So, when I exercise my Bruce-ness, I look at my home and think, “Bruce Wouldn’t Put Up With This Shit.” The grass looks a little high? Mow it, B.W.P.U.W.T.S. Utility room a mess? Let’s take care of that, because B.W.P.U.W.T.S. Need to lose 30 pounds? Let’s get to dropping those lbs, B.W.P.U.W.T.S. Unhappy in your job, let’s find something better – B.W.P.U.W.T.S.

Need a nap? Let’s do it. Because, afterall, B.W.P.U.W.T.S.


Need a drink? I’m pouring, because B.W.P.U.W.T.S.


You kids want a ride? Hop in, B.W.P.U.W.T.S.


Can’t hear something, fine… B.W.P.U.W.T.S.


Son thinks he looks pretty in a dress? B.W.P.U.W.T.S.


Want to hear some music, fine but I’m wearing my cool shades, B.W.P.U.W.T.S.


You need a hug, Mr. Weird Guy in a Purple Mohawk? OK… B.W.P.U.W.T.S.


I’m a lucky guy to have married into such a fun and great family. I was sad before I met your daughter, Bruce. And you know what? I realized that I shouldn’t put up with that shit too, and found happiness. I’m looking forward to some shots of Jäger with you this weekend. Happy 60th!

Because after all….


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